Invested in You

S ee below for a short list of Perry Sanders, Jr. and/or Sanders Law Firm, LLC, successful legal accomplishments. In all these cases we were either lead counsel or co-lead counsel.

All cases, except criminal, were done on a pure contingency basis. IE: If we didn’t win, client didn’t pay. Many of these cases were very expensive to pursue and we fronted 100% of the costs and sometimes with great risks. We did this because we don’t accept employment unless we believe in our clients and if we believe in you, we will put whatever money and legal work is necessary into getting you the a result you approve and are satisfied with. You are the boss. We are the employee. To put this in perspective, we have had several million dollars of our own money in a single complicated case, before we ultimately prevailed.

Contact the firm for any details you may need regarding this information that we keep confidential as regards client names. Most are common people but some are quite well known. Thank you.

  • Sued major chemical waste company on behalf of 16,000+ individual (not class action) clients and conducted our own epidemiology study on over half the clients with co-counsel, and successfully tried two parts of a trifurcated trial to achieve a settlement that was multiple times greater per client than what other injured people received.
  • Successfully resolved a case for 8 figures against a large South African company on behalf of our individual clients in a toxic exposure case.
  • Successfully resolved a case for 8 figures against one of the US largest petrochemical companies on behalf of our exposed clients.
  • Litigated to a successful conclusion one of the largest music and trademark intellectual property cases ever litigated, against virtually every major label and publisher on behalf of our well known producer/songwriter  clients.
  • We have litigated multiple we’ll know copyrights successfully on a contingency basis including but limited to old hits like “Judy in Disguise” and classic music but such greats as a Little Walter, who were previously taken advantage of by people years ago.
  • Recently litigsted against a major motion Picture company and a very well known author to recover the life story rights of a very well known international explorer and adventurer through a novel approach to the litigation.
  • Recently litigated and resolved a medical malpractice claim in a state with very severe damages caps and busted the caps, including economic caps, by 2.5 times and got our client paid that amount.
  • Got the entire community of Mossville Louisiana bought and and moved in a case featured recently on Toxic Towns USA starring Sanjay Gupta.
  • Sued on behalf of numerous people pulled for no valid reason on Interstate 10 while traveling who had their possessions seized. The cases became the subject of a 45 minute heavily watched Dateline Special and we were able to get the legislature to change certain provisions of the asset forfeiture law.
  • Successfully sued a powerful Sheriff for discriminating against mixed race couples and successfully litigated the case through the very conservative 5th Federal Circuit Court of appeals and exhausted policy limits on behalf of our clients.
  • Have handled thousands of complex personal injury cases to a successful and satisfactory conclusion for our clients.
  • Successfully represented minority client at the request of the ACLU and have had state police procedures change for the better of all people as a result of the settlement reached.
  • Have been adverse to the ACLU when appropriate as well.
  • Have successfully represented the parents of murder victim against law enforcement in extremely high profile case which allegedly remains unsolved to this day but parents were nevertheless paid and avenues of motive exposed. Louisiana not LA.
  • Have successfully handled complex constitutionally driven criminal cases suppressing evidence in drug cases and have successfully tried cases to juries where innocent people were charged with crimes they did not commit. These crimes include but are not limited to homicide.
  • Have successfully gotten class actions certified, over very strenuous opposition, including in the generally presumed conservative Federal Court of Colorado and upheld at the generally presumed conservative 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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