C onstruction defects can relate to host of issues, including common area structures in HOAs, common elements in condominiums, infrastructure issues (such as drainage, roadways, lake bed erosion, perimeter walls and gates, swimming pools, electrical and plumbing systems), violation of building codes and so many more. If your developer, architect, engineers, general contractor or subcontractors have not fulfilled their contractual obligations or left your community or home with conditions that violate the plans and specifications, building codes or general construction practices, we are ready to serve as your expert advocate.

The Sanders Law Firm’s litigation professionals have one goal: to resolve your claim and maximize your recovery in the most expeditious, efficient, cost-effective manner possible. And we are driven to stay abreast of the ever-changing complexities of construction defect law.

Don’t let your developer or builder attempt to avoid a legal obligation to compensate you for legitimate claims. Contact us for guidance on these cases and many more:

  • Construction Breach of Contract
  • Roof and Window Issues
  • Architect/Engineer Errors and Omissions
  • Water Intrusion though Building Envelopes (such as failed windows, stucco and roofs)
  • Failure of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
  • Structural Design and Construction Defects
  • Building Code Violations
  • Geotechnical Issues (such as insufficient compaction and subsurface issues related to the improper settlement of buildings and roadways)

Your case demands attention to detail and a final court ruling that’s fair. Trust us to act efficiently and strategically on your behalf. Learn more today.