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Child Custody in Colorado

| Divorce, Family and Marital | No Comments

Determining Child Custody in Colorado   What’s the difference between legal and physical custody? Legal custody refers to a parent’s authority to make major decisions regarding a child’s health, education,…

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) in Colorado

| Divorce, Family and Marital | No Comments

Like property, parties can agree on how much spousal maintenance should be paid from one spouse to the other and how long it will continue. If spouses can’t agree, they’ll…

Building in Downtown Colorado Springs to be Renamed

| Articles, News | No Comments
Office building in the heart of downtown joining the ongoing growth in Colorado Springs.  The Cygnet Building in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs has been a novelty to our...

Marital Property division in Colorado

| Divorce, Family and Marital | No Comments
How does Division of Marital Property in Colorado work? Parties can decide how to divide their property and memorialize their agreements in a written document called a "separation agreement." If...