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Sanders Law Firm, in Colorado Springs is a full-service law firm that provides its clients with professional, high quality, experienced representation in a broad range of matters including civil litigation, family law, patent law, estate planning, probate, corporate and business law, real estate,  personal injury, medical malpractice, class actions, and mass torts.

The firm’s multi-discipline approach allows us to handle complex matters without bringing in outside counsel which increases efficiency, saving our client’s both time and money.

Sanders Law Firm’s core value is to protect your rights and achieve your goals. Our focus is on customer service, fast action and achieving an amicable and equitable resolution with minimal delays and expenses. We work hard to provide outstanding customer service and communication.

With Sanders Law Firm, you can expect an aggressive approach when it is needed, but respect when it matters most, which often leads to a better resolution and fewer delays and expense in the end.

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We are passionate about…

  • Protecting your rights
  • Avoiding unnecessary cost
  • Using respectful communications to overcome obstacles and reach speedy resolutions
  • Providing a quality service

Know your rights in Colorado…

Sanders Law Firm stresses the importance of personalized service and client accessibility, so we can help educate clients so that they can make informed decisions. Having an experienced Colorado attorney representing you will help prevent you from making mistakes and giving up important rights.

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