Business Litigation

Business disputes involve contract issues, business torts, fiduciary duty matters, insurance issues, management or partnership disagreements, shareholder litigation, and every other area in which a business finds itself adverse to another company or individual. While many attorneys know the law, for us that is just the beginning.

At Sanders Law Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience working not only in the many areas of business disputes, but also with every type of business, from the largest companies in the world to one person startups. As such, we understand that each business and its needs are unique, and when a dispute arises, the best solution for a multinational corporation will almost certainly not to be the same as for a family store.

We have the legal acumen and the practical business sense that allows us to guide each client to the best result possible for their company. Our skill and experience in business litigation enables us to precisely analyze the controversy and understand your business, what makes it unique, and what β€œwin” really means to you, so that we may collaboratively develop a comprehensive plan to obtain the most efficient result possible.

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