Property Tax Appeals

Do you need a property tax lawyer?

Although property owners can contest their initial property tax assessment without a lawyer, using the services of a Colorado property tax attorney is beneficial. Lawyers can file your appeal, undertake comparative analysis of your home’s value against your neighbors, and account for individual allowances that are not considered by the Tax Assessor when they undertake their blanket approach to home valuation.

If you believe your property is valued incorrectly by the county tax assessor, there are steps you can take to remedy this improper tax burden. When challenging the tax assessor’s office, it would be beneficial to work with an attorney who is Property Tax lawyer familiar with this unique administrative process. Your right to appeal is incredibly time-sensitive, so partnering with an expert who understands the appeal process will ensure that you preserve your rights.

Colorado is currently undergoing a boom in real estate values and likewise, County Tax Assessors have been assigning a proportionate increase in the value of your real estate. However, each piece of real estate is different, and the Tax Assessor does not take the time to look at each individual home, plot of land, farm or business before assigning it a value. It is only until an appeal is made that the Tax Assessor will consider your real estate on an individual level.

By hiring a property tax attorney, you can be confident that your real estate will be viewed by the tax assessor according to its own fair market value, and not simply based on a formula. Real property values vary and there may be times when taxes are raised for an area or on a property based on aspects that may not apply. For example, a neighborhood may have increased in value, but a property depreciated due to an unfortunate event such as a flood or storm damage. In such cases, or situations with a similar theme, an attorney would be able to navigate the factors that apply to your property.

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