Severe Hail Storm Hits the Pikes Peak Region

On August 6th, the Pikes Peak Region was hit by a severe storm. Damages due to  Hail, high winds and flash flooding were the primary concerns. If you are curious what to do next, we are here to help. These steps will help make the most of your claim process:

  1. Walk around your property and make a list of the damaged property (look at furniture, landscape and physical property)
  2. Contact your insurance carrier to file your claim – be sure to have your list ready as this will set the parameters of your loss claim. Be sure to verify you have flood coverage.
  3. Do what you can to remediate the damage, but take photos to document the condition of the property. If you use contractors, make sure they document and photograph everything.
  4. Keep a total of the repair costs – your insurance may provide a offer, but the offer is only good if it actually covers the damage
  5. Do not sign anything until you are satisfied with the sum of money the insurance is offering.

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