Separation and Divorce with Kids

My number one concern are my kids during my separation and divorce. What do I do?

For many parents going through a separation and divorce, the primary concern is how to divide responsibilities in supporting their children. During this difficult situation, your mind can rest on one thing: the courts primary concern is always the best interests of the children. Custody, a common known term for protective care or guardianship, is defined differently in the state of Colorado. “Parental responsibilities” defines the guardianship and decision making in Colorado.

Child support, decision making, parenting time, and the primary household are priorities in the parental responsibilities dialog.  Typically, in Colorado, the legislative preference is for each party to share parental responsibilities. Colorado courts prefer that schooling, medical care, religion, and the like are decisions mutually made by both parties. However, shared responsibilities will be the final decision only if this is the best interest of the child.

Inevitably separation and divorce impact the well-being and emotional state of not only the individual parties but the children as well. The future of each participating individual is dependent on this outcome. Family responsibilities, division of assets, taxes, insurance, joint accounts and multiple other life details are involved in divorce.  Communicating with your family lawyer is vital.

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