Covenant & Rules Enforcement

W hat makes community living different? This unique environment is administered by its own set of rules. Your aim is to leverage these rules to preserve property values for the safety and harmony of all. And sometimes, achieving your goal requires aggressive enforcement of those regulations, assisted by your legal team.

We focus on the nuances of condominium and homeowner association law. Whether you are required to pursue arbitration, pre-suit mediation, or litigation in your local jurisdiction, we have experience in both forums. Our guidance ensures that your board will follow proper procedures, thereby significantly decreasing your community’s exposure to liability.


Our team is vigilant about staying up-to-date on the enforcement rights available under your community’s documents and Colorado law, so we can effectively obtain compliance for a myriad of issues, including:

  • Compliance with Architectural Guidelines
  • Unapproved Tenants and Lease Violations
  • Removal of Non-approved Structures or Items
  • Owner Maintenance of Property and Units
  • Injunctive Relief against Nuisance Behavior and Activities
  • Pet Rule Enforcement
  • Enforcement of Suspended Common Area Amenities Use Rights

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There are times your board will want to go it alone. Enforcing covenants and annual elections are not on that list.

We’re ready to be your partner. Contact us today.