What are Unbundled Services? 

Unbundled legal services are agreements between a lawyer and a client to limit the scope of the lawyer’s representation in a legal matter. When a lawyer’s services are limited in this way, the client stays in control of and is responsible for their own legal matter. The goal of unbundled legal services is to reduce the costs of hiring an attorney by reducing the services the attorney provides to the client while still delivering legal expertise and experience.
Although many cases can proceed without the assistance of an attorney, those without an attorney would benefit from professional legal services, even on a limited basis. Unbundled legal services is an alternative option for legal representation to assist you with your needs at an affordable cost. 

Examples of Unbundled Services:

  • Legal Advice in person, via email or via telephone calls
  • Evaluation of a client’s case and advisement on a client’s rights
  • Guidance for preparing documents
  • Legal research and analysis 
  • Assistance with discovery
  • Preparation for negotiations
  • Attendance at settlement conferences and/or mediations
  • Arrangement of court appearances
  • Counsel for an appealunbundled legal services

It is also important to remember that if you choose representation with unbundled legal services, you are choosing to have an attorney represent you only in a limited nature and you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your case.

 Do you feel you are capable of representing yourself? That is the question you need to ask. If you are prepared, organized and have a simple matter, then unbundled legal services may be the right opportunity for you.

The attorneys at Sanders Law Firm are always looking for better ways to serve our clients. By offering unbundled legal services, we allow our clients to choose what they do and do not want us to handle in their case.

The benefit to using unbundled legal services is that it is cost-effective.  Since we spend less time on your case, you can save a substantial amount. 

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